I have a problem!!

Hello everyone! So I managed to finish that track I was saying about the other day…however…I now have a massive mental block that is completely stopping me from doing anything creative. It is possibly one of the most frustrating feelings in the world for anyone that does anything creative, and I have no idea how to get out of it. Its happened to me before, but it really isn’t a good time as I have a nice amount of time off of uni to work on Album No.2!! People say to listen to other music, which for me doesn’t really work for me. I go out on walks, I listen to music, I play games, but nothing helps! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO?? If you do please leave a comment!

In other news, I didn’t get into trouble at work 🙂 Ive actually got loads of extra hours this week which is nice, so I can save loads of money to go on holiday with! Me and Amy (my girlfriend) have looked, and some holidays are ridiculously cheap for a week, all inclusive, so we will definitely get one of those when she finished for the summer! We aren’t really bothered where we go, as long as it is near a beach, and has lots of cool exciting places to explore! Im not really the type to sit by a pool the whole holiday. I like to go on an adventure ands explore the place I’m staying in. Unfortunately it will be in august, so there will more than likely be shit loads of people with about 5 screaming kids each…but a holiday is a holiday and I can’t wait! 😀

Please comment if you know anything that can make my creative block go away, go like my Facebook page, and follow my Twitter too! 😀





One thought on “I have a problem!!

  1. Play. Play some more. And then play some more. Creativity usually happens when you’re doing something else… don’t try, just do. Like with writer’s block, the best thing a writer can do is write about their writer’s block… don’t worry about ‘being productive’, you are. Just play, and play while playing (have fun, be random)… 🙂 write a bunch of crap. It doesn’t matter. How many songs will it take before you have a great one? So, write those ‘less than great’ ones now, and then burn them later lol

    There are two motivating factors: Love and Fear. Which is motivating you right now? 🙂

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